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Natural Death or Unattended Death Clean up

After a death, nature immediately begins the process of breaking down a body. This process begins right away and signs of biological decomposition can appear in as little as a day.

A body that lay undiscovered for as little as 1-2 days will begin to decompose. Bodily fluids that usually are contained in the body slowly leak out and saturate anything in the path of gravity. This causes a complex problem and needs to be properly cleaned. What may appear like a simple stain on the surface is actually just the beginning of the problem. The odor associated by decomposition is overwhelming to say the least. It will remain embedded in the contents and the structure itself up to several months if not effectively dealt with.

In addition, unattended death scene can be dangerous due to the bloodborne pathogens, bacteria and mold spores. While most people understand the risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis there are additional risks associated with the cleanup of this type of scene. Exposure may result in flu-like illness or attacks on the respiratory system. As such these scenes are better left to professionals that specialize in blood and bio fluid remediation