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Vehicle Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Unfortunately, automobiles are a common place for suicides. We also clean and disinfect many vehicles involved in homicides and serious car accidents.

The process of properly cleaning a vehicle can be as simple as high temperature steam cleaning of the fabrics or, as complex as, disassembling the interior and replacing numerous vehicle components. Each job is unique and must be evaluated by one of our team members before the extent of damage can be determined. Most of the time, auto insurance will cover the cost of cleaning as well as replacement of damaged components.

Violent activities such as shootings, self inflicted wounds and stabbings can occur inside cars and trucks as well as homes. An unattended death which occurs inside a vehicle can be quite gruesome. Biological decomposition is often accelerated inside a vehicle. This results in a large volume of body fluids being released. Complete recovery of all the fluids and sanitizing the vehicle are critical to restoring the vehicle to a suitable state.